Magnificent Matriarch Radio Show

الخريطة غير متوفرة

Date(s) - 07/11//2021 - 07/10//2022
12:00 م - 1:00 م


The Universal Ma’at is committed to healing our planet by bringing together melanin-rich matriarch together to share information and resources by networking, and allowing all of their beautiful voices to be heard through uplifting words, song, poetry, and through political, social, business, entertainment, sports, and educational expression.

Join us each week when we interview and get to know the shakers and movers of our melanin-rich matriarch, both within our nation and around the planet.

All guests receive a free Magnificent Matriarch T-Shirt.

If you are interested in free radio time to spread the word about what you and your groups are doing to heal the planet, freeing yourselves and our people, uplifting fallen humanity, and generally making this world a better place to live, OR, if you know of a melanin-rich matriarch who is doing great things for our people, go here to book an interview,

Call-to-Listen 24/7 at 631-359-8215.  No data plan needed.

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