Communication Element #1


The first and foremost element of communication is communing with self. This is inner self to outer self; lower self to higher self. 

No matter what you do there is always the “T” or “cross”, the 4 directions, the circle or 360 degrees. The representation of man/wombman. 

You must spend time in silent reflection, introspection, and meditation. quiet time is needed to know and discover who you are. you are “naked”, exposed and bare. There are no pretentions, no one to impress – in essence, no egotistical aim.

During this time, you are exposing your weaknesses and realizing your strengths. You are comprehending your own limitations and why those limitations exist. 

You are coming to know your skills, talents, abilities and what you have to offer. You are discovering what you lack and need to grow and develop.

You are realizing your current comfort zone, but you are also realizing when and where to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

You are knowing how to appreciate all of your experiences, thereby learning your own frame of reference from which you live. You are learning your place within this 3-d existence and the different levels and states of your existence. 

You are honing into what you call yourself and why. This encompasses memories as far back as one can go. 

Self must be totally in tune with self before it can move outward. to know yourself is true wisdom above all else.

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