Communication Element #4

Groups and Limited Discernment

As we grow and develop, our circle widens. We still have home base from which to operate, but now we stretch farther out to include those people, places, animals, vegetables, plants, etc.  which mom and dad, and sometimes siblings, introduce to us. 

We trust the “foreign” objects and people we encounter and don’t fear venturing into these realms because the people we trust are either involved with them or have recommended them. 

This is where we are gradually introduced to specific groups. We are now comparing and contrasting everything we encounter with our frame of reference. We are experiencing even more, but now we are using discernment. 

Some things we are accepting and allowing to become a part of our conscious equipment and rejecting other things we don’t perceive as relevant or important. We do this without really knowing we are doing it as of yet.

However, our subconscious does not participate in this discernment. it records and remembers every experience, every sound, every sight, every taste, every feeling – both physical and ethereal. 

It is the subconscious mind that takes over when the physical body is asleep. It sorts, arranges, files, and interacts with the higher self of which most of the time your conscious mind is unaware. 

At this point your conscious mind is limited in its expression by the growth and development of your brain and physical being. take note that true maturity is not about age or years. It has more to do with the stages of each individual’s development. This development is not the same for everyone.

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