Communication Element #5

Systems and Growing Discernment

now you start to realize that you are an integral part of an entire system that is comprised of other systems with such names as society, school, church/ synagogue/mosque/temple, government, state/territory, towne/city.

you come to understand that these earthly systems have their counterpart in the solar system, that which is above you. some of which you can see with the physical eye, the stars, moon, and the sun. some of which you can only see with a telescope, if you wish to look even deeper to discover more wonderful mysteries.

you wonder at the twinkling lights and this huge vast world of space and what holds everything together. you wonder how it all got here and how you fit into the whole scheme of things. you also begin to become painfully aware that this macrocosm is so much bigger than you.

you then begin to understand that there is also a microcosm. you discover that you are a microcosm to that huge macrocosm, but you discover that there is also a microscopic world of germs, bacteria, and one-celled creatures only seen through a microscope.

you then realize that you are a macrocosm to the cells within your physical being and that each cell is a macrocosm to the atom, nucleus, protons, electrons, etc. within it. you begin to consider whether this relationship exists on and on in both directions.

you are now realizing that this too is communication. you discover that thoughts are communication. spoken words, written words, and even body language are symbols to represent what emanates from the mind – the great communicator.

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