Communication Element #6

Ethereal Awareness

At this point, your circle continues to grow. you are going beyond the 3-d existence and the mind is aware of that which goes beyond the perception of the 5 senses. 

The third eye begins to open. a portal of new information, new awareness, and wonder and amazement are now the norm. you realize there is a duality in everything you see and in ideas and thoughts. 

You realize there are higher pursuits than just performing actions such as going to work, having sex, doing physical exercises, and catering to the other needs of your physical existence. 

You now know that the daily and mundane yet necessary tasks of cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, expelling waste, are only basic functions and that there is much much more to life. 

You learn and acquire intangible ideals and pursuits. You see these ideals expressed in nature, the creator of all, and that you are part of that creation. 

You learn this duality has different names; yin and yang, male and female, positive and negative, living and non-living, animate and inanimate. You learn that this duality exists inside of you as well as each being.

You overstand that for true communication to exist, you must acknowledge this duality and study all that it encompasses. You also realize the need to share what you learn to complement this element of the communication process.

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