Communication Element #7

Study Toward Total Discernment

At this time, your circle of knowledge and wisdom increases through reading, communication with others, studying, watching and perceiving, and especially listening. 

You start to learn the universal language of music and its impact on all that exists. you learn that all of life has a harmonic vibration and frequency at which it resonates. 

You sense your own vibration and frequency. You compare it with those of others and realize that’s why you seem to have more of an affiliation with one person as opposed to another, one group of people to another. 

During this time, your conscious mind has been grouping people and attaching judgments based on your frame of reference and your past experiences.

Your subconscious mind has been doing the same thing, only the subconscious mind has been attaching deeper feeling and sensations with these experiences that are an outgrowth of the vibrations and frequencies at which these experiences happened.

You realize that each individual has similar experiences but not all have them in the same way, and that some have different experiences. You come to undersand that your interaction with another and the results of that interaction will depend on how well you can resonate with them and how well you can discern when to refrain from interacting with them. You realize that this all tempers how you interact with that other person or groups of people.

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