Communication Element #9

Higher Self & Lower Self

You are now understanding the concept of your higher self and the many levels that exist both outwardly and upwardly, the concept of “state” of existence and not necessarily “place”. 

You find yourself in mind and body in sort of a “toggle on” “toggle off” symbiosis. you know how to ascend and descend. You know and understand the balance that must exist for you to subsist. you not only know that timing is everything, but you know how to utilize it. 

You now know that you are the creator and that you are your higher self in a limited and compartmentalized state of existence. You realize that you are immortal and that you, a living soul, cannot and will not “die”. 

You know that you are forever evolving and changing and growing and developing. You know that:

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18, King James Version)

You now overstand the many concepts of self and that self is of one mind and consciousness. You have evolved past “you” to “we”.

We realize that everything we see around us and have encountered is inverted and that what we thought was “true” and “real” has been an illusion in a sense. 

We overstand and innerstand the balance in our existence. We know that we are in everything and everything is in us. We know that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. 

We no longer allow primitive emotions such as hatred, resentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy, egotism, narcissism, or unforgiveness to control our being and very core of ourselves. We allow our higher selves to govern and rule our lower selves. We come to know that true government and rule has to do with self-governing and self-rule, and has very little to do with controlling, governing, and ruling others. 

We come to know that what we have learned endows us with a responsibility to teach to others in love and with compassion, for we know all too well that each being is on his or her own path. each being has his or her own frame of reference with his or her own experiences. We know that each being has a journey to make and that they may or may not be at the same point we are. 

We now know that this is where the real challenge of communication comes in. herein lies true love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice. We are well aware that to truly communicate, we have to know just how the other person defines these points of light, or whether it is even within that being’s current ability to define them. 

We know that for love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice to exist there must be an openness and willingness to share and expose oneself. If there is any hint of deceit, trickery, or “sleight of hand” true communication can no longer exist. a destructive process has ensued at this point and both beings will suffer for it, albeit maybe not at the same time and not in the same way. 

Even so, we overstand that nothing is ever non-recoverable. We know this is where true forgiveness comes in, and that usually it issues out of the heart of the being who has reached the higher level of awareness. We know that it may feel unnatural at first to apologize for something we know we didn’t do and when we were not in the wrong, so to speak. 

Yet, we know that higher self knows the end goal and focuses on the most important task at hand. We know that higher self knows who he or she is and is secure in this knowledge. 

More amazingly, we know that higher self knows how to create a bridge to reach the other person, and that higher self also knows when the timing is right, how to do it, in what way, where, and what medium should be used. We know that higher self even knows when to bring in another being as a cushion as needed. 

Finally, we are now in tune with our higher selves who are experts on how to utilize and exemplify love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice to effect the highest purpose so that none are lost, and that this has been the ultimate goal of communication.

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