Coconut Oil & Weight Loss

Once blindly labeled as “bad”, the coconut oil is now considered as very potent and the safest dietary oil for weight loss.   It is even deemed as the weight loss secret of the tropics.

The idea behind the claim that coconut oil plays a large role in weight loss basically stemmed from the fact that coconut oil is composed of healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCT).  Although a highly saturated fat, these fatty acids of the coconut oil do not circulate in the bloodstream like what most fats do, instead they are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into a form of energy.   So rather than being stored as body fat, the fatty acids of coconut oil is used to produce energy.

There are numerous researches conducted to support such claim.  One of those is the study conducted in Yucatan where coconut oil is a staple.  In the study, it was found out that the metabolic rates (the major keys to healthy weight management) of people living in the Yucatan area were 25 percent higher than in comparable test subjects living in the United States.  The result then accounts for the leanness of people living in the tropics where the oil is consumed on a daily basis.

Another study conducted on animals showed the role that the coconut oil has been playing in weight loss.   In this study, farmers who tried to dish up coconut oil to fatten their animals found out that it made them lean and more active instead.   In addition, those who consume oil consistently for several weeks often report an increase in energy, better sleep patterns, an enhanced sense of well-being, and of course weight loss.

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