Housing and Opportunities

We have funding and we’re planning to build!

If you know you are or think you are Aboriginal Indigenous to this land, that is, the people commonly known as Moors and traditionally but mistakenly known as “Black” “Negro” “Colored” or “African American”, and you have vision for your own tribal community, your own tribal government, your own tribal commerce, your own tribal currency, and have respect for others rights and opinions, and you’re not opposed to either moving to Arizona and/or maintaining more than one domicile, and you want to work together to see our people healed and prosper now, while making sure we ensure an enduring future for our children and their children and so forth for generations to come, then we have housing and opportunities for you. If you’re already a part of a group whose vision, activities, and goals line up with what we’re doing, you’re welcome to network with us. Collectively we can move mountains! Just tell us about yourself in an email to: tracee@theuniversalmaat.org