Keys to reclaiming our estate

If we are to reclaim our estate, we must first and foremost reclaim ourselves. This involves, among other things, researching your lineage.

Having done that, communication is probably one of the most important, yet least understood keys needed to accomplish any goal. We have seen the devastating effects that breakdown in communication or lack of communication has on relationships, whether they be family, social, political, or national. Ths breakdown manifests itself in wars, divorce, race riots, economic disasters, homicide, and even suicide.

Volumes have been written on the subject, videos have been published, songs have been used as a means to convey messages, and various other means of one individual trying to make contact with another. We all want to be heard. we all want to be understood. We all want to know that our lives matter.

So what does it take to really communicate? Let’s break it all down into its summarized components and then delve deeper in subsequent blog posts, taking a holistic (wholistic) point of view. Of course my list is not exhaustive, just suggestive.

Communication Components

types:  campaign, movement, fundraiser, project

who:    audience, speaker, receiver (perceived ethos, relationship)

what:   message, objective, goal

when:  start date, end date, periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, once a year), bi-

where: medium, location, telecommunication, online, in-person, audio and/or video conference

how:    means of spreading word, marketing, mailing, brochures, letters, business cards, classes, events, print media, blogs, websites, facebook pages, Instagram, twitter, etc.

why:    motive, desire, calling, solve existing problem, create a need, shake-up, wake-up, fill a need.

For our purposes we will deal with what we feel are the nine (9) communication elements. Some will see them as levels; however, we have purposely avoided calling them levels simply because levels implies qualitative comparative terms such as better and worse, greater and lesser, or higher and lower.

One element is neither greater or better than the other. however, they are cyclic in that all elements are experienced at one time or another. They are also eperienced simultaneously and act in a symbiosis of give and take, much like breathing in and out to keep our lungs functioning and our physical beings alive.

The 9 Communication Elements