How are we moving forward?

  • We are connecting and networking with various nobles (patriarch) who will serve as vanguards/protectors and consultants to the matriarch.
  • We are disseminating lists to those within the same territories so they can connect with each other. We are including born days to emphasize the importance of discovering your cosmic signatures within the zodiac science to help understand ourselves, each other, our loved ones, nurturing our offspring, and when planning our families.
  • We are establishing an online (virtual) and offline (face-to-face) resource center for lineage research, nationality proclamation, nationality and travel documents, sovereignty status, and assistance and teaching with using computers and programs.
  • We are creating power teams to do specific research, outreach, and accomplish specific tasks.
  • We are assessing the needs of those expressing a need with resources and establishing a resource fund to provide for those needs, especially for the essentials such as food, water, clothing, and shelter.
  • We are establishing companies for commerce and trade through utilizing our several talents, gifts, abilities to create our own specialized products and services.
  • We are creating schools and universities to teach our people everything from A to Z that they have not learned in other educational systems.
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