How are we structured/organized?

The matriarch and patriarch work hand in hand. We know that necessity, function, and timing, in addition to skills and abilities are what dictate actions, not titles and positions. We fill in and assist each other where needed. There are times when we lead, follow, teach, learn, give, and receive. There are times when we need to build up, tear down, praise, admonish, encourage, and enforce. We are sovereign and we are committed to each other and our people. We are committed to our ancestors’ ways of reaching a consensus, as opposed to democracy and the majority vote process. In this way, each one knows his/her contributions, ideas, and viewpoints are important and worthy of respect. We don’t always have to agree but we focus on our goal and priorities and use this as a compass when attempting to reach a decision. We know that before we can govern and lead others, we must first govern ourselves.

Here is our basic structure:

  • We create networks between individual participants and each participant is aligned with their own groups or organizations.
  • Each participant decides with whom he/she wants to align and may invite another participant into the network.
  • share ideas, information and resources with each other.
  • Participants may opt to contribute to help other participants in need.
  • Each participant can choose to leave the network at any time, but are encouraged to first give the other participants the opportunity to reconcile any differences.
  • Participants are in weekly communication with each other.
  • At least 2 vanguards (patriarch) are within reach and dedicated to assist each matriarch when needed.
  • Each participant maintains his/her independent sovereignty, with the understanding that it is a network and that the leadership/service dwells in each participant and remains one of mutual respect in love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice at all times.
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