Where are we located?

We are a global/planetary network that will continue to grow. Currently, we exist in the following territories:

Arizona:                     Tracee El Bey (Ma’at Secretary, elected 11-2020)
                                     Mayloemrojo El Bey (Ma’at Administrator)

Ohio:                           Carmella Denise Mitchell Bey

Virginia:                      Michelle Alston Talbot Bey

Oregon:              Ruthee Pitts-London Bey

Consultant:             Theodore Scott Mitchell Bey (Ohio)


Esyn De El (Evolure LRH) – Georgia
Ras Marvin (CBPM – Collective Black People’s Movement) & UNIA-ACL – Georgia
Chief Tecumseh Brown Eagle (Erie Indian Moundbuilders) – Pennsylvania
Aailyah Bey (ourpsn.org, ourpsn.com) – Alabama
H.E.L.P. Center, Inc. – Arizona
Body Mind Spirit Healing Center – Arizona
Geri Lorraine Enterprises, LLC – Arizona

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