Like you, I was asleep for a long time. Like you, I have been disheartened, broken, and raped in body and in spirit. I have seen our ancestors enslaved, murdered, lynched, and raped. I have been programmed while they called it “education”. I have listened to propaganda while they called it “news”.  I have been subjected to every dogma in the book while they called it “religion” and “spirituality”.  I have been called every adjective and name in the book from “Colored” “Black” “Negro” “Mulatto” “African American” “Indian” “Nigger”, the list goes on.  And like you, I believed them and started calling myself by one of these adjectives. I didn’t know who I was. Now I’m awake.  We are the true aboriginal and indigenous people. We came before Columbus, having been here for hundreds of thousands of years, even millions to billions of years on this planet. We have a right to self-identify. We are what we say we are. We are not colors in a crayon box nor adjectives. We are human beings.  Stand up and proclaim your nationality.

My great-grand father was a slave as a boy. He never knew his parents because he was sold away from them. He, like many others who were traumatized, didn’t talk much about it.  I was told my mother was picking cotton when she went into premature labor with me. I remember as a child living not in the deep South, but in Arizona, and having to hurry home before it got dark like my grandmother urged me to do. Why? Because we would be picked up and possibly lynched by “policy enforcers” who ran around in white sheets. I remember as a child hearing the news that Dr. Martin Luther King had been shot. I lived in Compton, California then which was only a few miles from the Watts riots that ensued after that fateful and hateful day. Our people were angry and lashed out by burning their own neighborhoods. Cautioned by my parents to stay indoors, I peeked out the window shade to see our people pushing refrigerators down the streets and running with their arms full of radios, stereos and television sets. Have our values changed since then? Apparently not.

I have been homeless though I have several degrees. I have been subjected to and lost countless opportunities because of racism and discrimination. I have filed many racial discrimination complaints and found their courts a joke to provide remedy and/or justice. I have been treated with disdain and disrespect though I have been a minister and served on community boards, most of the time as the only dark face in the room representing my people. And although I have educated many, authored books, and spoken in front of groups to inspire them to greatness, I have had to retire on a below-poverty level amount to sustain my existence, while I have foolishly empowered others such as the governor of my State (territory) who lives “high on the hog” in a mansion.

I am no different than most of you. We have been duped and deceived into thinking we have no power. We have been duped and deceived into believing that if we just go out and vote for a “savior”, especially one with a “black face”, that all of our wishes will come true. I remember when Barrack Obama was just elected in 2009. I watched with sadness as some of our dark-skinned spokesmen crossed their legs in complacency and satisfaction as if they’d finally arrived and all was going to be well. I cried when the little dark-skinned girl they purposely put in front of the camera resounded joyfully: “Yes, the standard of beauty is going to change and we’re going to finally get reparations!” She actually believed this because a beautiful, eloquently spoken, intelligent, and accomplished dark-skinned Michelle Obama was now the First Lady. Less than a month later, racists referred to Michelle as a “monkey”. Oh, but there was still the handsome, eloquently spoken, intelligent, and silver-tongued lighter-skinned Barrack Obama, of whom a pale-skinned woman remarked assuredly: “We don’t have to worry about Obama being president; he’s not going to do anything to help Black people”.  What was worse and more heart-wrenching was when a dark-skinned man at a previously “Black” owned laundromat in Atlanta, said to me: “Oh, just wait, now that Barrack’s in office, we’re going to be walking around with bags of money!” I was intentionally quiet because I knew the look in his tired eyes and the sound of his hope-filled words, though sorely misguided and misinformed, were those of pure sincerity.

2020 was a time of perfect vision. No more did we see “through a glass darkly”; we were now seeing the face of truth. So, we have seen through our ignorance and all of the deception. We are now entering into a new era and dimension of awareness. It’s time to stop being so “heavenly-minded” that we are no “earthly good”. It’s time to stop giving away our power to others and hope that they will somehow save us. It’s time to take political control of our own cities, our own state, and our own country. We are Moors but we must prove our bloodline and connection to this land and/or to other indigenous lands. Yes, some of us are descendants (or ascendants) of those who were in physical and chattel slavery. Yes, we have been subjected to Jim Crow Laws and the Christian Slavery Codes. Yes, we have been the targets of genocide. Yes, we have been hated and despised for the color of our skin. And yes, we have turned all of this abominable treatment inwardly and have treated each other in exactly the same way. It’s time to STOP! Let’s see clearly now. No more mental slavery. It’s time to shake ourselves and WAKE UP!

Now that we are awake, it’s time for action. You are sovereign but you must know how to effectively effectuate this through treaties. Stop allowing the media to make you afraid. You are immortal souls. An immortal soul cannot die; it only transcends to a different state or condition. Doesn’t matter what you believe. Truth will find you. Seek and you shall find. Read, research, and study to show yourselves approved, “a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. When the student is ready the teacher shall appear. Are you ready to reclaim yourselves and reclaim your land, your heritage, your culture, and everything else that belongs to you? Then take the first step.

It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to stop arguing and debating over trivial matters. It’s time to come together as ONE people. We have the same Creator. It’s time to stop worrying about what the Kardashians are doing, was Kobe Bryant really an adulterer, how many points LeBron James scored in the last game, what transgender people are up to, what Donald Trump is or is not going to say or do next, what Oprah and her friend Gale are saying, and other such unimportant matters that are meant to distract you. Learn International Law. Research your lineage. Learn how to exercise your power. It doesn’t take violence and it doesn’t take destruction. Our people are the creators of just about everything you see on this planet. Others have taken what we have created and invented the patent office, and then proceeded to put statutes, codes, and regulations in place to make sure they control it and profit from it.

No more marching, no more protesting, no more petitions, no more begging, and NO MORE FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)!


i‘m ready to learn more…

With love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice,
Mayloemrojo El Bey