HIGHY RECOMMENDED: Indigenous Determination Course

Did you know that no organization can give you your status?

Did you know that most of our people who thought they corrected their status, yet unfortunately, are still captured by policy enforcers, and finding themselves still labeled as “Black”?

Your lineage and inheritance and entitlement takes proving you are alive and correcting their records.

This course, taught in detail by Chief Mikhal El of the Niiji Chukka Adonai Untochina Nation, is invaluable and has been a life-saver for those of us who have been told for years to “study, study, study” but have not found true remedy. The course deals with Identity, Law and Commerce.

It’s time to fill in the gaps for steps you unknowingly neglected, get information intentionally kept from you, learn how to be your own enforcement with protection, and use what you know to reclaim your land and resources.

Contact: Chief Mikal El at ncalt@yahoo.com (629)222-8722.

Download the flyer for more detailed information.

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