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We are the “sleeping woman” who has awakened to reclaim, govern, and provide guidance to her nation to help uplift fallen humanity. We are the matriarch part of the tribe. We are a voluntary association of Paleo-American Aborigine Autochthonous & Indigenous People who pool information and/or resources for mutual satisfaction. This network involves individual melanin-rich aborigine people from among those who share The Universal Ma’at’s common desire and commitment to reach its shared goal of nation building to improve the social, economic, and educational stability of the melanin-rich aborigine nation. The larger the number of network participants, the greater the variety of ways in which our talents are classified and utilized, resulting in the potential of our network to become intensely powerful. 

Another function of The Universal Ma’at is to analyze common issues/problems facing the moor community’s interactions with the United States government and other nations, and to pool our resources, both human and material, to resolve issues and problems. 

Although we are the matriarch part of the tribe, we know we cannot subsist and exist without our men. We need our men to join with us to fulfill our purpose.

To reconnect and network the indigenous and aboriginal melanin-rich moors into a strong unbreakable global chain of lawgivers and law protectors. This comprises the tribal mothers/daughters/matriarchs and the tribal fathers/ sons/warriors/vanguards/patriarchs.

To utilize our networks to reclaim everything that belongs to the melanin-rich aboriginal and indigenous heirs, that is, the moors: our minds, our bodies, our power, our progeny, and our vast earthly and divine estate.

We live by what our ancestors lived by in ancient Khemet: the 7 principles of ma’at, which are:
truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity and propriety.

truth is the ability to understand the difference between the real and the unreal.  this, of course, is subject to the definition of reality.  in this case, reality is grounded in the belief that soul is the greatest reality, undergirding, giving life to, permeating all else that exists. therefore, for example, one truth is that we, moors, are soulful beings and every other experience is the basis of and result of that truth.

justice is the state in which there is equity for all persons, for all creatures and for the planet on which all of these rely for life.  equity means that all have equal opportunity for basic needs to be met (food, shelter, water, safety, medical care, dignity, respect, community, etc), to live in peace, to fully and meaningfully participate and contribute to society, to offer gifts, talents, and or essence, toward the good of the whole.

harmony is that state of being in which different expressions of spirit/energy — human beings, animals, plants, etc., move together in ways that create alignment and beauty.  it is important that each expression be authentic and express fully all that it is created to be.  it is only through authenticity that harmony can truly be achieved, and occurs naturally when each entity is being true to itself —  to its spiritual reality.

balance is a state of homeostasis in which the internal and external environments of an individual or group are aligned with the cosmos/universe, with one another and with the rest of creation.  it is the experience of existing in the place where opposites meet, the creation point, where new life is generated and new possibilities come into being.

order is a state of being in which things occupy the place and space for which they were created.  this means they are arranged in ways that are uncluttered, free of excess, clear.

reciprocity is the reality that what comes around, goes around, as above, so below — as within so without, whatever has a front has a back — the bigger the front, the bigger the back, etc.  there is a motion, rhythm of cause and effect, give and take, forward and backward to every aspect of creation.

propriety means to be and to do what is right, according to the truth that all human beings are spiritual beings. right means to live out those behaviors, words, actions, thoughts, and feelings which do no harm to another being, creature or aspect of creation, beginning with self.

The principles of ma’at were a value of the egyptian culture.  It was expected that pharaohs and their families embody these principles, along with every person who was part of the community.  They were not only to be studied, but life was to be lived in such a way that these principles guided all actions and relationships.  One who did not live and/or rule and lead by these principles was considered unfit for the position, at least during the times of Egypt’s greatest spiritual heights. Obviously, this meant that teachings about how to live in order to find union with the cosmos/universe, was part of the life training of the people from infancy onward. The purpose of this union was both for the good and benefit of the individual, but even more so for the society and the world.  The idea was for each person to live a life in which the principles were embodied externally as well as internally. There was special training for the leadership and for priests, in what we have come to call the “mystery schools.” but the basic principles were available to all. People came from other countries and cultures to study these and other teachings of Khemet, including Greeks, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, who took their learnings back to their own people and reinterpreted them.  This was apparently a common practice between 640-322 b.c. (stolen legacy)

For quite some time now we have been subjected to a patriarch only system. As history has demonstrated, when there is a patriarch only, the overwhelming result has been destruction, wars, disorder, democracy, and decay. The goal is not world domination but world divination, that is, ushering in the divine rather than division. Our planet needs to heal so everyone and everything can live in peace, harmony, and mutual reciprocity.

We are healing damages done due to colonization, oppression and enslavement, and the hiding and burying of our true history, our culture, our religion, our history, our origins, our bloodline, and our heritage. We will no longer stand for the killing of our heirs or the drinking of their blood or the stealing of our melanin, which is the life giving source that produces the energy. We will no longer stand for human trafficking, either sexual or organ harvesting. No more imprisoning our people, whether physically or mentally. No more enslaving our people to jobs just to eat, live, and put a roof over our heads. no more poisoning of our land, our air, our water, or our bodies. We, as a people, are all working together to repair these damages, and will continue to do so.

We get involved in and give guidance and direction in all areas of government and commerce by leading by example, making recommendations and suggestions for effective change and improvement, and enforcing the treaties.

Currently we are focused on: (1) forming and enforcing our treaties; (2) conducting trade and commerce; and (3) establishing community centers for true:

  • learning and erudition
  • mental and physical healing
  • historical and cultural awareness
  • religion/spirituality/metaphysics
  • financial resources
  • agriculture/horticulture
  • recreation and exercise
  • transportation
  • safety and protection
  • vocational/career
  • print and electronic media
  • science and cosmology

As spiritual beings we have been here since time immemorial; however, in this dispensation we have been established since 10 dhul hijjah 1441 mcy [31 july 2020 ccy].

One of our consultants, Theodore Scott Mitchell Bey, was led by the ancestors to present a plan to the matriarch with the following words: “It is extremely critical that we, moors, develop an effective support system to address the problems facing us with respect to nation building. One such avenue is to form individual alliances with one another that builds communication with one another, creates reliance on one another and builds trust amongst each another. We must merge our efforts to shape the nation we all desire.  It is in this spirit that the following is presented.”

This was the catalyst that started our network. From there, led by the ancestors, we established a core nucleus of matriarchs, starting with 13 that continues to evolve and grow and involve our men with us so we can lead together.  We are fully aware of our responsibility and accountability to all people who occupy our land.  therefore, we continue to meet, communicate, and network for the good of our people and all people everywhere.

The matriarch and patriarch work hand in hand. We know that necessity, function, and timing, in addition to skills and abilities are what dictate actions, not titles and positions. We fill in and assist each other where needed. There are times when we lead, follow, teach, learn, give, and receive. There are times when we need to build up, tear down, praise, admonish, encourage, and enforce. We are sovereign and we are committed to each other and our people. We are committed to our ancestors’ ways of reaching a consensus, as opposed to democracy and the majority vote process. In this way, each one knows his/her contributions, ideas, and viewpoints are important and worthy of respect. We don’t always have to agree but we focus on our goal and priorities and use this as a compass when attempting to reach a decision. We know that before we can govern and lead others, we must first govern ourselves.

Here is our basic structure:

  • We create networks between individual participants and each participant is aligned with their own groups or organizations.
  • Each participant decides with whom he/she wants to align and may invite another participant into the network.
  • share ideas, information and resources with each other.
  • Participants may opt to contribute to help other participants in need.
  • Each participant can choose to leave the network at any time, but are encouraged to first give the other participants the opportunity to reconcile any differences.
  • Participants are in weekly communication with each other.
  • At least 2 vanguards (patriarch) are within reach and dedicated to assist each matriarch when needed.
  • Each participant maintains his/her independent sovereignty, with the understanding that it is a network and that the leadership/service dwells in each participant and remains one of mutual respect in love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice at all times.
  1. knowledge and information
  2. referrals
  3. constructive feedback
  4. reduced isolation
  5. anger resolution
  6. improved morale
  7. sharing of programs and personal resources
  8. greater use of resources promoting network improvement on individual, family and group levels
  9. overcoming obstacles by multi-focused deliberating and examining of concerns and issues
  10. providing mobilized support and reinforcement to individuals and organizational participants in addressing common issues of interest in direct proportion to the network’s powers when needed.

There are 6 distinctive characteristics or components which comprise our network:

Trust – This is basic to any human relationship and even more so to networking.  Trust means firm reliance on the integrity, ability or character of a person or thing.  The idea of this network is not self-seeking advancement at the expense of others, but a means of mutual support.  With trust, there can be no conniving or back-stabbing; gossip has no place in networking nor has a leaking of privileged information.  Network participants must trust the ma’at’s purpose of nation building because mistrust can prevent the network from carrying out its projected plan.  our network links must trust each other to act professionally, to share accurate information, to give and get honest advice, and to refer genuine leads about network improvement to network participants.

The facilitator – the facilitator is not a boss, but simply a participant of the network. The facilitator has the responsibility to provide the objectives of the network as it evolves and also to provide orientation to new participants.  She/he is seen as the spirit of the network and she/he continually encourages participants to interact with one another.  This person is charged with knowing which participants of the network to link and how to do so, and with maintaining a low profile when promoting others as resource persons.  She/he functions as a mediator to rectify misunderstandings between participants in an effort to promote stable and efficient operations.  She/he is expected to be assertive when necessary and to identify, whenever possible, whether or not the network-selected direction is inappropriate.  In short, the facilitator is charged with performing group maintenance and leadership activities.

Resource exchange and distribution – When talking of distribution and exchange of resources within a network, one for the most part is referring to the sharing of information.  There are instances when monies and other resources are involved, but information is the most widely-exchanged resource.  Information-sharing is absolutely essential if the ma’at is to function.  There are many ways in which the network executes the exchange of information with its external network links.  For example, conferences, the postal service and telephones are the primary modes of exchange.  The network utilizes computers to expand its internal and external exchange delivery, and other means to exchange information and resources.  The network is a central meeting place and distribution facility for the sharing and dissemination of information in the sovereign moor community.

Communication – The most important exchange of information and resources is done on a human level; human contact is so important and to the exchange of accurate and comprehensive information.  Communication is the means by which the ma’at imbeds spirit into the nation building process by defining boundaries, limitations and above all, maintaining the purpose of the network.  The four functions of communication are direction, production, innovation and maintenance.  Communication encourages the generation of new ideas to explore potential relationships and create change.  Without effective communication, the network will become a system within a vacuum, unable to provide and receive needed services and information vital to its effective functioning.  As a result, when communication stops, organized activity ceases to exist and individual uncoordinated activity returns.

Maintenance and analysis – The importance of a maintenance component is essential to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of the ma’at.  Our network must have the capacity to locate its flaws and adjust in order to remain operational.  participants have important choices to make regarding alternatives available to them in adjusting the network.  One such alternative is to begin anew if the network breaks down; participants deliberately may set aside an informal structure and try different approaches.  A second alternative is to enhance the network; here participants maintain the existing network and accentuate its desirable features.

Network expansionthe ma’at will expand by attempting to solve newly-identified common problems or by linking with other networks.  Participants can differentiate within the network.  Participants may create smaller, specialized problem-solving networks to impact upon the larger network.  Whatever alternatives are used, the ma’at’s network must continuously check and evaluate itself to ensure its ongoing existence.

Within this world there are many complexities and aboriginal and indigenous sovereigns must organize in such a fashion that we may achieve individually and communally.  This current attempt to address this challenge is the developmental approach of networking.  If our sovereign community is to be effective in developing a network such as the one presented here, we must have an overall understanding of what the concept of networking entails.  It seems that networking holds the most promise for the understanding of ourselves and our nation.

  • We are connecting and networking with various nobles (patriarch) who will serve as vanguards/protectors and consultants to the matriarch.
  • We are disseminating lists to those within the same territories so they can connect with each other. We are including born days to emphasize the importance of discovering your cosmic signatures within the zodiac science to help understand ourselves, each other, our loved ones, nurturing our offspring, and when planning our families.
  • We are establishing an online (virtual) and offline (face-to-face) resource center for lineage research, nationality proclamation, nationality and travel documents, sovereignty status, and assistance and teaching with using computers and programs.
  • We are creating power teams to do specific research, outreach, and accomplish specific tasks.
  • We are assessing the needs of those expressing a need with resources and establishing a resource fund to provide for those needs, especially for the essentials such as food, water, clothing, and shelter.
  • We are establishing companies for commerce and trade through utilizing our several talents, gifts, abilities to create our own specialized products and services.
  • We are creating schools and universities to teach our people everything from A to Z that they have not learned in other educational systems.

By researching your lineage to know who you are, and establishing a means of self-preservation and determination with a tribal government that has a true relationship of recognition and reciprocity with other nations. Next, by assessing your skills, abilities, talents, and resources that you have available. Then, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the lead matriarch or patriarch in your territory so you can align yourself to a network. Next, start doing the work that your hands find to do, stay connected, and start expanding your network and aligning to other aboriginal and indigenous sovereigns by sharing information and resources. Finally, start thinking about and consider forming your own company to work together with us to leave a legacy for your heirs.

Assess what needs you have to accomplish your own goals and how those goals line up with building our nation and the legacy for your heirs. Draw up a budget and a needs list (assets and liabilities). Send it to the matriarch in your territory, while at the same time remembering that we are here to share resources and help each other. We are both givers and receivers. Everything we need is available to us. Just let us know in what territory you are located. However, we are beginning to work cross-territorial lines, so be aware of this also.

We are a global/planetary network that will continue to grow. Currently, we exist in the following territories:

Arizona:                     Tracee El Bey (Ma’at Secretary, elected 11-2020)
                                     Mayloemrojo El Bey (Ma’at Administrator)

Ohio:                           Carmella Denise Mitchell Bey

Virginia:                      Michelle Alston Talbot Bey

Oregon:              Ruthee Pitts-London Bey

Consultant:             Theodore Scott Mitchell Bey (Ohio)


Esyn De El (Evolure LRH) – Georgia
Ras Marvin (CBPM – Collective Black People’s Movement) & UNIA-ACL – Georgia
Chief Tecumseh Brown Eagle (Erie Indian Moundbuilders) – Pennsylvania
Aailyah Bey (ourpsn.org, ourpsn.com) – Alabama
H.E.L.P. Center, Inc. – Arizona
Body Mind Spirit Healing Center – Arizona
Geri Lorraine Enterprises, LLC – Arizona

Email:    theuniversalmaat@pm.me

Phone:  1-616-404-0547

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www.Protonmail.com  (confidential and secure mail; Google is government owned and spies on you)

www.Signal.org  (confidential and secure messaging system; can be used on cell or computer)

www.VirtualShield.com  (virtual private network)

www.Namecheap.com  (domain name and website hosting)

www.sync.com (one of the most confidential and secure cloud-based drive)

Proton VPN (virtual private network; get 30-days free with Protontmail signup)

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