Protect Yourself – Vaccine Warranty Form

Vaccine Warranty Form for those faced with mandatory vaccination or risk of losing employment/benefits, etc.

This is for those who have not completed their indigenous people to the americas identity status, that is, the autochthonous melanin-rich copper-toned people. If you have your identity on record, you can assert your rights through ADRIP (American Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People). If not, here’s a vaccine warranty and steps to follow from Mark-Kishon Christopher:

  1. This is what you will say to your Doctor / GP: I am happy to take whatever medication or Vaccines you want me to take, before we do here is a Vaccine Warranty for you to sign Guaranteeing my Safety. (Now Present them with the Vaccine Warranty to Sign)
  2. You will notice they want you to sign something, which is essentially letting them off the hook of safety and when you sign it, you are consenting to been Experimented on, and that you are Fully Liable for anything that happens to You as a consequence of your signing your life away.
  3. In order, for anything to be Lawful or Legal, you need two or more party to autograph.
  4. Since, they never Signed anything, they neither Witnessed or made any Agreement with You on Paper.