Meditation: The Power of a Tiny Grain of Sand

Contrary to popular opinion, most of us have found that there are no special tricks when it comes to meditation, and there is no special posture or breathing rhythm required.  Once you learn and understand what you’re doing, you can pretty much meditate anywhere during any activity. Some people have succeeded in reaching the desired altered state of conscious while reading about sand meditation which some say helps you realize a transforming state of consciousness.

The “founder” of sand meditation insists that meditation can open a door into the mysteries of creation, and that if we allow ourselves to pass through this door there is no telling what we may encounter on the other side.  He says that it’s important not to become discouraged if you have tried to meditate in the past and have not received any remarkable results. He reinforces that meditation is a mystical process, and that it may take time to learn how to quiet your mind and open yourself to all the present moment has to offer you.

The author of sand meditation says his meditation began while he was sitting on a beach. His hands were sandy, and he rubbed his thumb and forefinger together to feel the grains of sand between them as they were slipping away until only a single grain of sand remained. He says he could feel the shape of the grain of sand distinctly as he rolled it back and forth between his thumb and forefinger.

The author says that as he rolled the grain of sand about, the more defined his awareness of the grain of sand became, and the more detailed his experience of the grain of sand became the larger it appeared to be. He says that while he could clearly feel the tiny grain of sand trapped between his thumb and finger roll about across the grooves and ridges of his fingerprints, the grain of sand appeared to be growing larger and larger as he contemplated it.

The author goes on to say that the grain of sand continued to grow, encompassing the beach and then the world. Before long the grain of sand had grown to an infinite size and it now encompassed all of creation; yet he still held the tiny grain of sand between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it about across the grooves and ridges of his fingerprints.

According to the author, the tiny grain of sand was intimately connected to every part of creation and all of creation existed within it, even as it existed within his grasp. He communed with the grain of sand, aware of its infinite connectedness to everything else; through the medium of the grain of sand and he became aware of his own infinite connectedness with all of creation.

The author says that the sand spoke to him of eternity. It told him tales about creation and the infinite nature of our existence in creation. From the grain of sand, he learned that every tiniest part of creation is a living being experiencing creation and sharing in the process whereby creation makes everything manifest.

The author says that his meditation with a grain of sand always produced a feeling of intense bliss, and that it was an eternal meditation that transcended the time and place where it began to continue throughout all of creation. From time to time, says the author, he would return to this meditation, engrossed by the wisdom and experience of a single tiny grain of sand.

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