Quantum Feedback Device To Cure Cancer?

This is from the Life Force Wellness Team to those who have expressed interest in the Quantum Biofeedback Device for healing cancer, diabetes, or other diseases.

“We have had many requests for more information.  Some people want to find a local practitioner in their area, some want to purchase a device now and healers or medical staff would like to be on the list to have a device to help humanity.  Please follow the instructions below.

If you would like to find a local practitioner the following questions would be recommended to make sure you are getting access to the correct machine:

•  Search for “Quantum Biofeedback” in the city or state that you live in.

•  Then, search for Indigo, Scio, or Eductor.

•  If the practitioner is using a Scio or Eductor, ask them what company provided

    the software for their device.

•  If they answer “QX World,” then you are good to go.

•  If you receive any answer other than the above, beware.

 There are two companies that are currently making similar machines, one is Mandelay and the other is QX World. Both companies are in Budapest, Hungary.

The Scios were manufactured under a different original company name, however, the inventor only licenses the intellectual property for this patented technology to QX World. All the Indigo devices in the U.S. are also good. Eighty percent of the Scios in the U.S. are good. About fifty percent of the Eductors in the U.S. are good.

QX World still supports their customers who have Scios, but have come out with a new model that is better.  However, the good Eductors are so much better and faster and people heal quicker, but they are more expensive. So, both Mandelay and QX World are making both models but Mandelay’s products do not work as the inventor intended, and some functions do not work at all.

If you would like to purchase a device now please email: healthy@lifeforce.global with “purchase now” in the subject line and specify if you would like us to respond with financing options. 

If you would like to be on list to have a device when funding becomes available please email: healthy@lifeforce.global with “future device” in the subject line.

 Thank you again for you interest in helping humanity restore to optimum health.

 The Life Force Wellness Team”

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