The science of corporations and why you need one

To all Indigenous Moors and People of Concern (“Black” “Negro” “African American”):

In these paramount times people do not know how companies protect you…Look up corporate immunity.. The word IMMUNITY is used and the people that is 1/2 of 1 percent of the national wealth of USA are the permanent working class. That companies have equity in called sweat equity.. People not having companies in the current markets will suffer the abuse from other companies that experiment with your existence.. BETTER WAKE UP!!

Noble Drew Alli knew this when he set the MSTA up under The Religious Corporation Act to protect the members within the temple..

Companies are assets; people fluctuate and are unstable which is bad economic practices.. That’s the reason why companies get insurance policies on employees due to liabilities and losses of profits because of the inconstancy of people..

The great things about companies is that at the end of the fiscal year you can report to your tax institutions and get a deduction on your companies from profit losses and liabilities of employees and etc..

The State has a budget every fiscal year: The profit projection and the loss projection, and they report it to the tax institutions of the state and federal of losses and liabilities of every subject of walk of life.. Bums, street vendors, blue collar workers white collar workers. and etc.. This is why their sections in cities are made accountable to take account of all activities to assess the report for investments and deduction and funding and losses and liabilities to receive a return of investment. So everyone with a state ID and state driver’s license, you are benefiting from an account for the state to profit from you on a day to day operation.. You better build your legacy because the State is building off of your virtues..

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