MAAT University (MU)

Welcome to MU!

MAAT is the short name for Ma’at American Aborigine Tribal Nation. We are MAAT University; MU for short.

We offer a variety of courses for all ages. We have separate courses for different age groups; however, we also teach the same courses for each age group, but tailored to their learning level, style, and modality.

We need teachers, educators, facilitators, presenters, counselors, and administrative staff who know how to tailor content to different age levels and how to motivate young minds as well as the not-so-young. If you believe you possess one or more of these skills, talents, or abilities, please send your resume to:

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NOTE: Please do not confuse us with MA’AT UNIVERSITY created by Kiko “Iseluleko” Ellsworth. We’ve had our tradename for almost 5 years now and didn’t know they existed. Since our goal is always to network with our people who are doing wonderful and positive things, we have created a link to their site. However, please note that the cost of their courses may be a lot more than some of us are willing to pay.