Grandmother and Small Children Homeless – Please help!

I am posting a text from one our former members. She is in dire need of our help. If you want to pay the hotel directly, please cash app to me and I will pay the hotel – $highMoorNoble2020 (Please note that I cannot post the hotel where she is staying for security reasons):

“Hey sis me and my grandchildren are homeless if you can spread the news so I can get help I’m in a hotel my cash app is $chyna11.
I need as much help as I can get I will be moving to Jacksonville. my daughter friend has a place but I can’t move until next month.”

We are in the process of building homes to take care of this problem, just not fast enough. Those of you who have expressed interest in helping with this project, we are behind schedule, but will be sending out a meeting notice in mid-May. Most of our people are focused on “study, study, study”, while our people need shelter and have other needs. Study is good, but it seems we are “forever learning and never coming into the knowledge of truth”. It’s time for action, time for doing!!!

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